Academy of Singapore Teachers

Mount Faber (Sue Constan, Liana Conyers, LEE Kai En, TEO Shing Fang, and FONG Yi Shuen) Photographer TAN Derek

The amount of preparation it takes to host Fulbright awardees is no easy feat. The entire Singapore Team at AST is fantastic and has supported me during every step of this process. Derek Tan is the Deputy Director of Pedagogical Excellence, and his team has diligently planned this trip to offer a culturally immersive experience. Derek is a Singaporean Historian and has shared a lot of information not readily available in print form. There is a true sense of pride and an eagerness to learn and share at the Ministry of Education that is a breath of fresh air.

During January, I engaged in PD’s and planning sessions for my Fulbright to Singapore. I attended meetings with the Curriculum Planning & Development Division, Science Branch, and Applied Sciences. The Ministry of Education is truly invested in its educators and provides a number of opportunities for horizontal and vertical growth in their organizational chart. There are a number of findings that have left an impression on me, but the most significant is that school employees are encouraged to shift their positions every 3-5 years to gain new experiences and prevent burnout. For example, if I’m a secondary school teacher at a specialized school and after three years, I decide that I want to focus on curriculum development in the arts, I can apply for a position with CPDD and work at AST for a few years. Post my contract with AST, I can return to teaching or pursue a path to become a school Principal or VP. After five years as a Principal, I might want to return back to the classroom or work directly at the MOE in Senior Management. There are pathways for continuous growth and support from all branches at the MOE.

I value and respect the entire team at the Ministry of Education. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with such an esteemed group of dedicated educators. A special thank you to Derek Tan, Yi Shuen, Kai En, Osman Abdullah, Shing Fang, Christine Tan, Jason Seng, Stephanie Jee, Wee Beng, Seow Poh, Khai Yin, Jing Xian, Dr. Teo, Edwin Tan, Chee Kian, Aletheia Tan, Reeja Fernandez, Xinyi Yu, Chun Hua, and Selena Ong. I’m missing a few names, but know that I appreciate you immensely. Thank you for selecting me for this opportunity and providing me the space to share my professional experience and explore my research. I wouldn’t be here without your support.

I have a number of positive comments regarding AST, which would be too lengthy for this blog. If you would like to learn more about Singapore’s education structure and design visit the Ministry of Education

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