I am an artist, teacher, scholar, and spectator of the performing arts. I view the visual and performing arts as my way of connecting with both myself and the world around me. Through these explorations I have been able to discover and examine hidden facets of my inner self and personal narrative, which has led to greater awareness. As an instructor my main goal is to foster similar developments of each student through physical, artistic, perceptual and aesthetic growth. Each student is encouraged to develop the working knowledge of technique and their artistic narrative. My main goal is to facilitate dancers to increase body awareness and gain skills to comprehend and perform movement concepts related to dynamic variation, movement through space, expression, motivation and intention.

My classes include an exploration of self – investigating group dynamics and communication (verbal and nonverbal) through the embodiment of music, movement, and persona. I desire to bring close attention to the analysis of time, space and energy as they apply to dance and performance. I fuse multiple idioms to create a dynamic structure that questions and pushes the dancer’s sense of timing, phrasing, musicality, and athleticism. Through these approaches, I strive to create a holistic learning environment to increase body awareness and personal expression.

My teaching interests include healing art classes for marginalized communities, dance film, and Black aesthetics.  My scholarly and artistic research address the manner in which people form a sense of self in today’s society, and explores how identity and autobiography influence practice and performance. As a multi-disciplinary artist, I am particularly interested in methods to enhance these inquiries through collaborations with the sciences.