Black in Asia Part 2

During my time in Singapore, I tried to explain to another Fulbrighter the racism I was experiencing. She didn’t understand because her experience was the exact opposite as a white woman in Asia. It wasn’t until she returned to the US and heard disheartening stories from other Black people about their travels, that she was able to grasp why I felt isolated and demoralized.

I just returned from a long trip to Indonesia, where I received love and support. I had the time and space to heal and prepare myself for the journey ahead. Within 30 min of my arrival at Singapore Changi Airport, I was immediately triggered by two customs agents. This Spotify episode documents the reality of what I experienced during my time in Singapore, and the impact it has had on me.

I posted the reflection below on IG after spending an incredible time in Indonesia.

“Who are you?” The definition of my name is a vine hanging from a tropical tree that can bind and support. Biblically, it means God has answered my prayers. It is used for girls in various countries and languages including Hebrew, French, Spanish, Persian, Malay, Hindi, and others. 
In high school, I made the first iteration of the piece “Who are you?” The second came during undergrad, third in grad school, and fourth as an early career artist. My work has shifted over the years and how I define my existence. I’m more than a name, but the essence of it has informed my life path. 
I traveled to Indonesia to spend time alone in the remote part of the jungle. I wanted to hide and recuperate. I never imagined that I would have a such a life changing experience. There are no words to express the emotional, spiritual, and physical detox I’ve been through. I’ve teared up and cried so many times here to release, forgive, love, and 
comfort myself. I’ve found joy, love, faith, pathways, and dear friends. Most of all, I’ve rediscovered my hearts center, which is what I’ve been searching for over the past few years. 
I leave tomorrow and my heart is heavy as I try to pack, but it’s easier to zone out for a minute on social media. I’m breathing through my anxieties about returning to the US after several months away, and preparing myself for the two days of flying ahead of me.
I discovered this tree a week ago and was in awe of its massive size and hanging vines. It serves as a reminder for me to stay rooted, stand strong, water my soil, and support those around me.” 

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